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Chalkboard Art

Loving all the #Chalkboard craze at the moment. Honing my own handlettering skills along the way. Collecting samples to assist this new love of mine!

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Arts & Design
Styled by @voila6 years ago
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  • Handlettering Practice
  • Handlettering Practice

    After months of seeing all the beautiful chalkboard art out there on the internet, Pinterest and home decor magazines, I finally got one of my own. My husband made one for me! Frames were available at JYSK, but wrong colour. He bought some spray paint and sprayed it white to match our home decor. He also purchased MDF for the insert and chalkboard spray paint at the hardware store. After drying he put it all together and voila! This is my first attempt at Chalkboard art, so I need to hone in my handlettering skills. Like anything else, practice makes perfect.
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