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fashion illustration research one

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Arts & Design
Styled by @kittybatdecor3 years ago
  • Peter Do
    I love the sketch but neat style of this piece. I think the thing that I love the most is the wide use of tonal range.
  • Yasunari Awazu
    There is subtle use of tone is this but the black is so black it balances well with the white negative space. The accentuated skirt has a beautiful curve that brings your eyes back round to circle the image again. The thing that is most interesting is that you can see it is ink, the patterns and textures it has, in the bottom of the skirt especially. It looks like flowing ink spreading in water.
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  • Kareem Lliya
    I love the blur this has, lil she is swaying; but the smudged black creates strong areas of shadow and light. It's simple but striking. Partly sticking because it is so simple.
  • Donna Karen
    Layers! This has a range of layers in different medias and layers; t creates more interest, more depth, texture and more, There is a quite prolific dominant character who is central and has the most detail in her dress.
  • Gianfranco Ferré
    No actual model or body parts, just a few squiggles. The dress on the other hand is constructed with a series of mark making, line drawing. The marks give the page texture. The whole illustration is a beautiful mark.there is something sexy about the curve, doubled with a pattern that looks like fishnets and you have an interesting mental dilemma, a sexy image with no human subject.
  • Mats Gustafson
    Cristian Dior Haute Couture gown illustration.
    The silhouetted model is nice, it's all about the show stopping dress. it has beautiful shape, colours, tones and blending. the different opacities of some layers of paint resemble sheer materials in delicate leafs.
  • Cecilia Lundgren
    It's sketchy and not over controlled. It's the representation of the moment. It's simple and loose, a nice collection of lines. What brings it all together is the yellow strips.
  • <xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1">Bridget Davies.</xmlns:texthelpns>
    <xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1">Simple lines and shapes that rely on the paint to act like paint in the way colours are blended and shapes are made.</xmlns:texthelpns><xmlns:texthelpns rwthpgen="1"> Different brush strokes and levels of dilution represent different types of fabric.</xmlns:texthelpns>

  • Julie Verhoeven
    I love this! It's not about beauty, but character. the lines are strong and defining even where they look faint. It's moody, but not with the colours one would associate a moody piece to have. The hello of the light makes it seem fake, fluorescent forced lighting representation perhaps?
    The thing most striking is her face, chiselled and defined. Her eyes are haunting, large and vacant. If the yellow was a different colour this would be a haunting, for boding onlooker, but the yellow almost gives her strength, changes the haunting to poise and pride. with her head held tall she does impose a high status for herself.
  • Lovisa Bufitt
    This has all the basic characteristics of what some one would call a fashion illustration. Strong, fluid yet sketchy lines accompanied by block colour. I like it, but only on an aesthetical level. It gives me nothing more. That isn't a bad thing, having the purpose of good aesthetics are as good a reason as any to create an image. This on the other hand feels like it belongs in a sketchbook.
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