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  • Hay 5 tipos de logos, ¿a cuál pertenece el logotipo de su marca? Infografía en inglés. #CommunityManager

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  • valiantparadox: “ Me: *finishes my archaeology class* Me: well thank god that’s over and I never have to think about red figure ware again!! :^) Me: *spends all dAY DRAWING THIS SHIT* **** ~merch available here~ ” I know the feeling.

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  • Color psychology in logo design. So wish I could have a poster of this!

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  • Un esquisse qui capture l'esentiel en détail et sugère le reste. En utilisant deux ou trois couleurs, l'artiste a réussi a évoquer l'esprit de chaque ville. J'adore!

  • When you’re on the go, you need something that will be reliable enough to hold your drinks. What you need is the best insulated water bottle! A cup doesn’t cut it in today’s world. We’re constantly going places, whether it’s to work, out on a walk, going to the park with the kids, or going to the gym, hiking, swimming, etc. When we’re being active, we need to stay hydrated. As I’m working out, I like to have ice cold water on hand to quench my thirst. Lukewarm water just does not cut it.

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  • Christian Debt Consolidation - We Help You To Get Out Of Debt

  • Marijuana is a complex plant containing a diverse set of chemical molecules called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids get attached to the special receptors in the human body, which make up the endocannabinoid system. Read the post to know more about the science behind the working of marijuana. Visit:

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