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Frank Reynold
I’m a writer interested in scientific studies, and I contribute articles related to medical, healthcare, business, and a lot more.

  • In general cesarean section is safe and can save life of the new born and mother, but sometimes it is risky and can lead to some health complications. Among these problems is the pulmonary embolism which is “an obstruction of a blood vessel in lungs, usually due to a blood clot, which blocks a coronary artery.”

    • Cesarean Section Risks
    • Medical
  • Evaluating employee’s performance is one of the necessary procedures in an effective management process. Reviewing employee’s performance routinely provides an understanding between the organization and the employee.

    • Performance Review
    • Performance Appraisal System
    • Job Performance
    • Business
  • Corporate image is the organization’s reputation and impression left on company’s public. Necessarily, every organization has an image whether it works on it or not. In many cases, a small act by an employee can leave a positive or negative impression, thus help or hurt the organization.

    • Corporate Image
    • Business Reputation
  • E-Learning Effectiveness

    • Education
    • Elearning
  • Miscarriage or what is referred by scientists as spontaneous abortion is the end of pregnancy due to natural death of an embryo or fetus before being able to survive. Miscarriage is the pregnancy loss that happens before 20 weeks of gestation, after that time it is called stillbirth.

    • Miscarriage
  • A lot of scientific studies have tried to shed light on effects of hormonal contraceptives on woman sexuality. This is the case of new research carried by a group of scientists from university of Copenhagen, Denmark. The study tried to investigate relation between combined hormonal contraception and women’s sexual function.

    • Contraceptives
  • As part of their political marketing strategies and efforts to convince voters, political parties call for religion and include it as a persuasion tool. Several constitutions forbid the exploitation of religion for political goals, but it is still used even implicitly.

    • Political Science
    • Religioin
    • Politics
  • Customer_Regret_Regulation

    • Marketing
    • Innovation
    • Leadership
    • Management
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Today, virtual communities especially on social media networks play a big role in shaping customer trust and spread the word about any business. So, online businesses that worry about their reputation and invest in building trust take the power of virtual communities in consideration, mainly on social media.

    • Customer Trust
    • Virtual Communities
    • Marketing
  • Success of any business is primarily based on user satisfaction which is a major predictor of online consumer behavior, and online business is no exception. But, what builds up this user satisfaction and motivates a user to like and use an online system or website and keep coming back. Knowing these factors that affect how your service is perceived is your step toward success.

    • Online Business
    • Ebusiness
    • Customer Satisfaction
  • Today, a lot of organizations profit of the technological development to build a worldwide business taking advantage of the world market skills, save time and costs. These businesses that adopt such model use what is known as virtual collaboration between teams to link those geographically dispersed team members using technological channels such as chat, e-mail, instant messaging, video conferencing …etc.

    • Virtual Collaboration
    • Virtual Collaborative Teams
  • Epilepsy

    • Health
  • A new study published recently has investigated qualities of entrepreneurship and “the common reasons that motivate people to become and work as entrepreneurs along with the constraints they face when starting and developing their business activity.” For that purpose researchers asked 250 people “engaging in the manufacturing trading and services sectors in Small and Medium Industries”.

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Leadership
    • Business
  • Innovation is coming up with a new idea and turning it into an effective process, a new product or service. The implementation of creativity and innovation in business is likely to incorporate success and help you stand competitiveness in the market. Innovation can be referred to as something new or introduced differently and has impact on market or society.

    • Innovation
    • Business Success
    • Leadership
    • Management
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Scientific studies have always highlighted the importance of innovation on business by investigating various dimensions of innovation including product, process, and market innovation. A recently study has investigated impact of these dimensions of innovation on the performance of SMEs.

    • Innovation
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Leadership
    • Management
  • To contend the traditional transaction marketing, which focuses on the completion of the transaction and the pursuit of maximizing profits for each transaction, the relationship marketing in the banking sector, on the other hand, offers the establishment of strong relationships and stable partnerships between the bank and its customer in order to maximize the pursuit of the interests of all aspects of the relationship. This paper examined the nature of linkages between relationship marketing and customer loyalty by using customer satisfaction and customer trust as the intervening variables. It investigated the customer perception on customer satisfaction’s characteristics and confidence in exchange partner's reliability and integrity as the mediating factors to build their trust on the banking services. The researchers employed 150 respondents of private banking as the sample. This paper used Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) to analysis the relationship. The results revealed that the relationship marketing tactics affected customer loyalty significantly through customer trust and customer satisfaction. It explicitly demonstrates that the banks have undertaken an organization-wide strategy to manage and nurture their interaction with clients and sales prospects as the base for their customer loyalty.

    • Marketing
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  • Maintaining a good online image is important especially for students and job seekers. Today, most employers would search you online to have an idea about this prospect employee that would integrate their business.

    • Professional Online Image
  • Diabetes affects the quality of life of patients, and these effects differ from patient to another. So, how diabetes affects quality of life of diabetic patients and what are the factors behind that?

    • Diabetes
    • Patients Quality Of Life
  • Several factors are behind job satisfaction including for instance pay, management, work environment, and a lot more. Among other factors that are verified for affecting job satisfaction and job performance is conflict between work and family roles. A recently published study has investigated that and tried to find answers on the impacts of job satisfaction and performance.

    • Job Satisfaction
    • Job Performance
  • Word of mouth has great impact on businesses and it shapes customers’ purchase decisions. Word of mouth is effective than any other advertisement, and that influence doubles when the customer wants to buy the product or service for the first time, or when the price is high.

    • Word Of Mouth
    • Marketing
  • The defy urology specialists face is that even with the removal of the prostate gland, there’s always a high chance that the disease will appear again over years. A new study which is carried by a group of researchers from department of Urology of Vanderbilt University and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has investigated features and predictors of recurrence of the disease after the radical prostatectomy.

    • Prostate Cancer
  • Reviewers have become one of the first things an online customer would look for before making a purchase. With the quick spread of information, people share their purchase experience with others, bad or good. In some cases, customers search for reviews even before checking the product.

    • Reviews
    • Ecommerce
  • leadership

    • Leadership
    • Leadershipdevelopment
    • Innovation
    • Management
    • Entrepreneurship
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