CLIPping + magaZINE

The CLIPZINE is a visual curation platform.

Collect, Classify, Create your zine


Why you should use the CLIPZINE, and What you can do using this platform.

First, If you are a person who adapt to changes of World Wide Web, you might have at least one of blog , account of social sites, curation sites, and open marketplace, or your own web site, etc. Then you might also have one or more dead contents that nobody reads because it’s too old and hard to find in your blog or website. So if you regard your contents very importantly and valuably, you'll definitely want to save the dead contents, and announce it to more many people, and if you are already looking for such a tool to do that, the CLIPZINE must be enough for you. The CLIPZINE provides the clipping and styling tool to create a more attractive content based on existing contents for others.

Second, you'll probably want to be able to share and reuse the created contents, and make it portable. The CLIPZINE provides the various ways to share, submit, embed, and even download your styling contents, so the ways enable you to reuse your valuable contents to a number of websites, and enable to even email your contents, and these actions of you finally enable more many people to know and read it.

  • Collect

    Collect visuals for inspiration.

    You are able to clip your contents or related contents with an image and text together from web using “+Clip it button” bookmarklet, or able to upload from your desktop or mobile devices. Don't forget before you do clipping, you must install the “+Clip it button” on your browser’s bookmarks bar.

  • Classify

    Classify your clips with set of tags.

    You can classify your clips using Tag and Tag Set , then you are able to find out clips that you want to use it on zine or for other purpose more accurately and rapidly. And if you use Tag Set , you are able to make various groups from a lot of clips by just simply changing a set of tags. You don't have to move your clips board to board for regrouping any more.

  • Create your zine

    Use zine styling tool.

    You can create a zine using your clips, and able to styling it by editing size, position, layout, font, font style, background color, etc. And one of most powerful functionality of clipzine styling tool is the template. You can create a good styling zine in a few seconds using template.