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Rogerlene Blount


    • Zentangle Patterns

    • Zentangle Patterns
  • artist unknown

    • Art
  • Pebble Art of Nova Scotia by Sharon Nowlan by PebbleArt on Etsy

    • Stone Art
    Clipped from via ES Chae75
  • Sunset in winter, Athens

    • Photography
    Clipped from via HD SIM123
  • Camping Hacks are so easy when you use these tips!

    • Camping
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  • Blackberry Mint Lemonade 3 cups water 1 cup sugar 18 mint leaves, torn 2 cups frozen/fresh blackberries ice 3 mint sprigs 4 cups natural store-bought lemonade mint sprigs (Directions on how to make this drink on actual site)

    • Recipes To Try
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  • Standing 3 meters (10 feet) tall, Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer's Arabesque Wall is an object of intimidating intricacy. 3D printed over the course of four days from a 50 Gigabyte file, the piece is a demonstration of the incredible forms achievable with algorithmic design and 3D printing - however with its overwhelming complexity it is also a test of human perception.

    • Interior Design
    Clipped from via HD SIM123
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